Launch and scale your online business
(6 weeks)

Online  |  Dates - TBA

Work with Rebekah and a community of peers to accelerate your online business. This course is suitable for existing online businesses looking to grow and for people with business ideas to launch during the program. We’ll discuss how to differentiate your product offering, build a brand that attracts a tribe of fans, hire and work with software engineers and designers, and what to pay for everything. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback every week. We’ll test your product, business model and budget and help you improve your strategy. We’ll develop a launch and marketing plan together and consider how you’ll fund and scale your business by the end of this course.

Raise capital on your terms 
(12 weeks)

Online | Dates - TBA

An intense 12 week program designed to give you the best chance possible of successfully raising capital. We’ll work with you to establish which investors to target, how to approach them, how to value your company, position your pitch and build deal momentum. This program is designed for business founders who are ready to raise either a Seed or Series A round (up to $5M) and includes presenting your deal to active investors. Open to Australia and NZ founders only by application.

Find your life partner: dating and relationships 
(12 weeks)

Online  |  Dates - TBA

The hardest thing I’ve done in my life is to find a partner and build a sucessful relationship. If you’ve read my book, you’ll know how much commitment and resilience it took and that, in the end, the wonder of love is every bit worth the effort. I’ve created this 9 week program to support women who are serious about finding a partner. We’ll look at a different topic each week through video interviews with some of the key characters in my book, a series of new experts and live webinars with me where you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly and ask questions. Take part in a 8 Date challenge (non compulsory). Some of you will find love while you’re in this program!


‘The course was full of insights no one could possibly tell you, because no one else has done this to the same degree as the instructor.’

Tim Garnsey
Cofounder, Verge Labs

‘Rebekah was open and honest with her experiences in raising capital. This gave us real life examples, ones in which can be easily applied to the process ourselves. I would highly recommend anyone looking to raise funding to attend, you’ll be provided with valuable guidance and extremely useful tips from someone who has in-depth knowledge and know-how!’

Iman Davamoni
Founder & CEO, Purely Polished

Hands down the best training of the year. Learning from the lived experience of a founder was invaluable.’

Lucinda Hartley
Cofounder, Neighbourlytics

‘I loved the straight to the point advice, terms and jargon they use in real life...and the fact that we got to meet and ask questions to a real angel investor directly.’

Chris Kosasih
Financial Planning and Analysis Manger, BPay