Reboot webinar series

I was the curator and host for City of Sydney’s popular Reboot webinar series, which ran from October 2020 to June 2021.

The Reboot webinar series was developed to help small businesses and creatives adapt, innovate and bounce back better from the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Weekly webinars focused on digital channels and tools, business strategy and smart marketing tactics to grow your business.

This unique format brought together a great line-up of expert hosts from companies like Koala, Canva, Vinomofo, THE ICONIC, Facebook and Spotify.

Each event included a live workshop session with local business owners and creatives to discuss their current challenges and explore potential solutions.

Click on the session links below to watch each webinar recording.

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Watch series 3 | Reconnect

Reboot – Google For Growth

Sasha Gusain, search engine optimisation expert
Learn how to better harness the power of Google, search engine optimisation, Google Analytics and Adwords to promote your business.

Reboot – Winning strategies for Facebook and Instagram

Melinda Petrunoff, Facebook
Learn which Facebook and Instagram tools to use, how to build community, target effectively and engage with customers.

Reboot – Tactics to launch and grow your online store

Adam Jacobs, THE ICONIC
Learn how to launch and grow an ecommerce store, and get tips on digital growth, customer experience and team leadership.

Creative tools for cut-through with Canva (webinar)

Matt Leach, Canva
Learn to create beautiful visual content and marketing collateral that will elevate your brand.

Reboot – Scaling up Next level digital marketing

Mark Baartse, digital marketing expert
This webinar is for every business owner and marketing executive who wants to grow using social media, influencers and email.

Reboot – Boost your business with podcasting and books (webinar)

Leah Harris, Spotify and Mark Harding, Booktopia
Get an insight into key strategies to launch, market and boost your brand with a podcast or published book.

Watch series 2 | Refocus

Reboot – Refocus your business strategy

Kathryn Ritchie, Ignition Institute
Learn how to develop an effective annual plan, recalibrate in times of change and optimise performance.

Reboot – Tactics for smart business operations and growth

Ben Thompson, Employment Hero
Learn the key team management and operating tactics that will maximise your business growth potential.

Reboot – Capital Raising Tactics

Rick Baker, Blackbird Ventures
Explore the pros and cons of venture capital and how to position your business to attract the best investors under the best possible terms.

Reboot – Leadership innovation for small business in 2021

Steve Vamos, Xero
Gain a unique insight into leadership frameworks and innovation.

Reboot – Emotional resilience and leadership during uncertainty

Craig Davis, Sendle
Learn leadership, emotional intelligence and resilience tactics from Google’s top executive training program.

Reboot – The changing B2B landscape: closing the deal

Sarah Tang,
Learn new marketing and sales tactics to attract B2B customers.

Watch series 1 | Rethink

Reboot – Rethink your business model webinar

Tim Doyle, Pilot
Get top tips to help you differentiate and adapt your business model.

Reboot – Smart marketing tactics to grow your business

Tim Doyle, Pilot
Learn effective ways to market your business and gain new customers.

Reboot – Build your personal brand and gain new customers

Fleur Brown, TEDxSydney
Get expert advice on how to build a personal brand and get customers talking about you.

Reboot – Rethink your brand strategy

Andre Eikmeier, Vinomofo
Learn how to build a solid brand strategy, build community and get people talking about you.

Reboot – Content marketing strategy

Chris Wirasinha,
Learn the secret to creating standout content that gets shared and creates community.

Reboot – Tactics to grow your business fast

Anna Cheng, Brighte
Learn the foundations of growth marketing.