Find your life partner: Dating and relationships

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This 9 week small-group program is designed to support anyone who is serious about finding a longterm relationship

Finding love was the most difficult challenge of my life, much harder than building a business. And there’s nothing that I’m more passionate about than supporting others to find their life partner. In this nine week program, you will work directly with me (via live webinar) and a small group of peers. We’ll learn the mindsets and assumptions that could be getting in the way of you finding that lasting relationship, and we’ll get you out there on the dating apps where you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback and ask questions specific to your profile and the people you’re meeting. Or stay anonymous and learn from the group.

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Register your interest and we’ll let you know when it’s available.

Course outcomes:

  • Learn what’s been getting in the way of you finding love
  • Clarify your values and what’s important to you in a partner
  • Get out there and learn super tips on how to create a profile and work the apps so you attract the best possible candidates into your dating pipeline
  • Learn how to be on a date. We’ll get insights from a psychologist and real couples on what attracted them to their partner on their first few dates
  • How to manage the early stages of a relationship including some important advice on protecting your heart and becoming more resilient
  • Get certainty on what makes someone a bad longterm match and when to let go
  • Learn some insightful strategies for building successful longterm relationships

This course is suitable for:

Anyone who is serious about finding a longterm relationship. Do not join us if you’re looking to play the field, our strategies and insights won’t help you. This program is gender neutral and for any age or sexual orientation. All you need is an open heart and some determination.

Course logistics:

You’ll access videos, exercises and other content set-out in modules for each of the 9 weeks. The videos are led by me and feature a range of experts including several of the characters from my book. There’s also a live Zoom meeting session with me every Tuesday from 7.30 - 8.30pm. On these calls, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and learn from the rest of the group. We encourage you to participate as actively as you can, however there is no pressure to speak or even turn your camera on during sessions if you’re not comfortable to do so. Every Zoom group meeting will be recorded and shared with group members who weren’t able to attend.

Course curriculum

Week 1: You

  • An honest look at why you haven’t found love yet
  • What do you need to address in yourself in order to become the one for someone else
  • Questioning your assumptions
  • Clarify what you value
  • Get in the mindset to find your life partner

Week 2: Who to be and what to look for

  • We talk to a leading academic about the three personality traits in people who tend to have successful longterm relationships
  • Why you’ve been attracting the wrong people
  • Examining your criteria in a mate
  • Becoming strong and vulnerable

Week 3: Let’s get out there!

  • Here we encourage you to set-up or work on your dating profile using evidence based advice for attracting the right kind of person
  • Learn what men and women look for in dating profiles (video content plus group discussion)
  • We’ll examine what’s best practice on Bumble, Hinge, RSVP and eHarmony. We’ll discuss the merits of each platform and you choose the best fit for you
  • You’ll have the opportunity to have your profile evaluated (if wanted)
  • How to scout and filter profiles
  • Messaging tactics for each platform

Week 4: From messaging to Zoom or calls

  • How to transition from messaging to calls or Zoom and what to do with matches who aren’t willing to speak
  • Example formats for calls. Red flag signs to watch out for as well as indications that this person is worth spending more time getting to know
  • Feedback on messages you’ve sent and received in the past week (if wanted)
  • How to transition from phone call / Zoom to in person date.

Week 5: The first date

  • Planning a date. What we know works.
  • Preparing for a first date. What is the experience for men and women?
  • How to be on a first date, what questions to ask, good discussion topics
  • The two things that get in the way of connection
  • Avoiding being friend-zoned

Week 6: Navigating the early stages of a relationship

  • Dealing with rejection
  • Rejecting others with compassion
  • Managing your emotions
  • Understanding different personality types so you can make an informed decision about a person
  • How connections between two people form
  • Building trust
  • Red flags that mean you should move on

Week 7: Checking in on your progress

  • What have you learnt about yourself in this process so far?
  • How have your desires and expectations changed?
  • How are you feeling about your chances of finding love?
  • How to build resilience

Week 8: Sex and intimacy

  • How intimacy should build in a relationship
  • Understanding that shame that exists within ourselves or our potential partners
  • The big mistakes women and men make in transitioning from dating to intimacy
  • This module is taught with a leading Australian sex therapist

Week 9: Making relationships work

  • How to know this person is it
  • What falling in love should feel like
  • Things to look for in your mate at this stage in the relationship
  • What goes wrong as relationships develop
  • How to manage your early arguments
  • Building a shared future

Register your interest

Register your interest and we’ll let you know when it’s available.