Growth Marketing Course With AIRTASKER

The legendary Andrianes Pinantoan led Growth at Canva from startup to more than 10 million users. In his first online masterclass, you’ll learn Andre’s growth marketing principles, you’ll meet his new growth team at Airtasker and learn leading-edge tactics that every marketer and entrepreneur can use to grow their business.

This comprehensive growth strategy course is led by Andrianes Pinantoan, former Head of Growth at Canva and currently VP Growth and Product at Airtasker. It features 16 lessons taught by Andrianes and other members of the Airtasker growth team including Airtasker cofunder and CEO Tim Fung. Andrianes is widely considered Australia’s best growth marketer. In this exclusive all-access course, you’ll learn the growth principles and tactics used by the world’s fastest growing companies. This course is packed with practical tips to scale customer acquisition, reimagine SEO and content marketing, improve activation, retention and revenue as well as how to operate to create a culture that’s agile and fast while maintaining a ruthless focus on the company’s mission, North Star Metrics and team alignment. There’s a tonne of downloadable content and resources for team discussions as well as a special lesson for people looking to transition their career and work at a company like Airtasker.

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The Genius of Growth Marketing

Introduction to growth

Essential knowledge for anyone looking to market or grow a business enabled by technology. Understand the difference between traditional marketing and growth marketing. Learn key principles of growth strategy including Pirate metrics, the growth trajectory of a successful startup, growth accounting and the four ‘fits’.
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Introduction to marketplace businesses

A candid and generous lesson on startup growth and marketplace strategy from one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs. In this lesson, you’ll hear the personal story of behind how Tim and his cofounder developed the concept for Airtasker and launched the business. Learn how Tim thinks about ‘product market fit’ and how and when he knew he had it for Airtasker. Understand how Tim approached specific marketplace challenges such as how to balance supply and demand at inception and as the business grew. Tim shares the tactics he used to build traction in the early days with little resources and, more recently, how Airtasker has scaled in Australia and is now approaching expansion into multiple international markets.
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The five acquisition channels that scale

In this lesson you’ll learn the five channels every scalable company uses to grow and one of the big mistakes almost every startup and marketer makes in executing a growth strategy. Andrianes is well known for developing a killer SEO strategy at Canva. But SEO won’t work as a scalable channel for every business. In this lesson, Andrianes will share how to identify if SEO is a channel you can use to scale and how to expand your product to harness the power of Google.
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What makes a product go viral?

Understand what really makes a product go viral. A huge percentage of the value of Silicon Valley companies is due to network effects. In this lesson, Andrianes will help you to identify if your product has the potential to scale virally and why lots of businesses don’t realise that they could be taking advantage of this channel. Understand why simply incentivising customers to refer friends won’t help you to create a network effect.
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Principles of paid acquisition (Google Adwords, Social and Display Advertising)

Paid acquisition isn’t about who can do it best. Paid acquisition is a competition of ... In this lesson, you’ll learn whether or not paid advertising is a scalable channel for your business.
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How to choose an acquisition channel for your business

In this lesson, you’ll learn the concept of ‘product channel fit’ and how to identify when you’ve got it right. Andrianes will share that your product and your business model will determine which channels you should focus on to scale and how to think about adjusting your business in order to fit a channel.
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Principles of content marketing

Content marketing has become an important vehicle to market a product, drive traffic to a website, motivate customers to purchase and educate customers how to get the most out of a product. Canva had huge success with their premium quality ‘Canva Design School’. In this lesson, Andre will share his three principles of content marketing. And you’ll learn the tools to use to work out what to write about and attract more traffic than your competition.
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Introduction to SEO

In this lesson you’ll learn to develop an SEO strategy for your business and how the function of SEO has evolved at high growth businesses. Elyse will walk through the top ten factors Google uses to rank your pages which we’ve provided as a downloadable resource.
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Introduction to activation

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to define an activated customer in your business. Andrianes will introduce the concept of ‘jobs to be done’ and lead you to a deeper understanding of why some customers are using your product. You’ll learn the four reasons customers won’t activate - none of which are related to time or cost. Andrianes will dive into ‘customer motivation’ and talk though some tactics to increase the motivation for people to try your product now. You’ll also learn which segments of customers to focus on for growth, which customers will lead to an increase in revenue and how to get feedback from the one group that matters most. This lesson is full of insights and tactics for anyone looking to increase customer conversion.
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Growth experiments and the ICE Framework

In this lesson, you’ll learn how Airtasker run growth ‘experiments’ to hypothesise and test tactics to drive growth. Joel shares how Airtasker have improved upon the ICE framework to prioritise experiments, where the best ideas come from and how to develop a growth operating rhythm for your business.
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Improving Activation: Airtasker Case Study

In this lesson, leaders from the product and performance marketing teams share how they came together to develop a number of growth experiments to improve the assignment rate of tasks posted on Airtasker. You’ll learn how the teams hypothesised, shared information and how a number of simple improvements led to significant growth of the business.
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How to conduct customer research

In this lesson, you’ll meet Aaron who leads customer research at Airtasker and previously worked in the same function at Google. Aaron will share how to approach customer research to work out both what and why your customers are doing certain things. He’ll talk through when to use survey’s vs interviews, how to find the right candidates for both, how to prepare and what questions to ask. In the second part of this lesson, you’ll get to see Aaron conduct a real customer interview and learn his techniques to build rapport and draw out insights that Airtasker can use as the basis for the development of growth experiments.
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Introduction to retention

In this lesson, you’ll learn the right way to define if a ‘retained customer’ for your business and how this definition is different depending on what your product does. You’ll learn the different internal and external triggers to use to increase customer retention and look specifically at how businesses with products that are purchased infrequently can increase customer loyalty.
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Email marketing to improve retention

In this lesson, you’ll learn the different email funnels to develop to increase your customer retention. You’ll learn some of the biggest mistakes people make in email marketing and tips on how to improve your email deliverability and open rates. Vincent will share some of the most important email funnels for Airtasker and you’ll learn how to develop contextual campaigns to drive customer engagement.
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How to operate for growth

In this lesson, you’ll learn how the team at Airtasker operate. You’ll learn how to choose the right North Star Metric, how to set goals, run a team using OKRs and how Airtasker remain agile and ’scrappy’ while working fast and remaining focussed.
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So you want to work at a company like Airtasker

In this final lesson, Nico will share the recruitment process at Airtasker: how they identify candidates, what you can expect in an interview and their recruitment questionnaire or ‘test’. You’ll hear from a number of Airtasker team members about the culture and mission of Airtasker and what it’s like to work at the company. Nico will share tips for people who think they want to work at a business like Airtasker and special advice for those looking to jump from a large corporate into a startup.
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