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Online book launch with Naomi Simson.

Broadcast Jul 16th, 2020
Rebekah and Naomi discuss Rebekah’s new book 138 Dates. Meet some of the real characters from the book including Ruth, Madeleine and the gorgeous Rod.
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Love in Lockdown: The psychology of dating

Broadcast Aug 17th, 2020
Deep dive into the psychology of dating and online dating profiles. You’ll learn what men and women prioritise in their searches, we’ll discuss profiles on all the major dating platforms and give real feedback to some very courageous volunteers!
- Dave Heysen, CEO RSVP
- Dr Stephen Whyte, Director Centre of behavioural economics at QUT
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Love in Lockdown: The psychology of relationships

Broadcast Aug 24th, 2020
What does the research tell us to look for in a partner? What should it feel like when you fall in love? And how to know when it’s time to move on.
- Ruth Osborne, Sydney psychologist and relationship expert who appears in Rebekah’s book ‘138 Dates’.
- Prof Martin Graff from University of Wales who is studying how Covid has changed the way we date and form romantic connections.
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Love in Lockdown: Dating Success

Broadcast Aug 31st, 2020
What do men and women ask for when they work with a matchmaker? What goes wrong and right on a first date?
- Trudy Gilbert, Elite Introductions (Australia’s top matchmaker)
- We’ll also meet three couples who connected online and now have successful long-term relationships. We’ll unpick everything from what attracted them to each other’s dating profiles, the first online messages, the first meeting and how their relationships progressed.
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Come together: Issues facing singles in lockdown

Broadcast Sep 7th, 2020
Managing isolation and how Covid has changed the way we date.
- Jenny Leong, Human rights advocate and MP for Newtown
- Melanie Tait, former ABC journalist who successfully lobbied the NSW Government for a Singles Bubble
- Jemma Gilchrist, Clinical Psychologist at Macquarie University
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Webinar with Professor Geoff MacDonald

Broadcast Jul 15th, 2020
Special event with Professor Geoff MacDonald, world leading researcher in dating psychology at the University of Toronto. Hosted by Rebekah Campbell, author of 138 Dates.
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Rebekah talking about her book 138 Dates on Channel Ten Breakfast.

Broadcast Jul 20, 2020
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I treated online dating like a start-up and found a husband

SMH Article Jul 17, 2020
It was a Sunday morning in 2014. I’d arrived home from breakfast to find a newspaper article positioned conspicuously on the coffee table. “Women over 35 should stop being so fussy,” read the headline, followed by some observations by a male fertility specialist...
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Rebekah hadn't been on a date for 10 years. This is how she found love.

Broadcast Jul 20, 2020
When it comes to putting yourself out there on the dating scene, confidence is key. But, what if you've been single for a very long time, and you're not sure where to start?
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