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Following Up on the Job Candidate Who Was ‘Checking Out the Waitress’

by Rebekah Campbell | November 3, 2014
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that asked whether a female boss can manage a chauvinist. I’ve struggled with this issue for many years, and from your replies it’s clear that other women have endured similar experiences. More than 300 people wrote comments, and hundreds more contacted me through Twitter, LinkedIn and email. I had […]

When Women Manage Men Who Don’t Respect Women

by Rebekah Campbell | October 2, 2014
A few weeks ago, my business partner and I interviewed a candidate for a senior communications role at Posse. We met at a coffee shop and he seemed perfect: charming, smart and passionate about our business. He’d been successful in similar roles, and he came to the interview prepared with suggestions relevant to our strategy. […]

The Problem With Going Into Business With a Friend

by Rebekah Campbell | September 15, 2014
I spent a recent night consoling an associate who had fallen out with her best friend. They tried to start a business together, and she quit her high-paying job to do it. Three months in, the friend had yet to commit full-time and wasn’t pulling her weight. They couldn’t agree on how to split either […]