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Dating strategy masterclass

by webmaster | September 14, 2021
This one off 90 minute masterclass is taught live with Rebekah and her partner Rod, for a male perspective. Rebekah and Rod will share dating strategy and insights that aren’t covered in the book. Includes a free copy of Rebekah's book '138 Dates'.

Five tips to finding the perfect partner online

by Rebekah Campbell | August 30, 2021
In 2012, I hadn’t been a date in ten years. I was 34, lonely and terrified of the future. I decided to hit the online dating sites on a mission to date one man every week for a year and find a husband. I started just on eHarmony and quickly added RSVP, Tinder and others […]

How to meet the perfect husband on Tinder (yes, it’s possible!)

by Rebekah Campbell | July 17, 2021
It was a Sunday morning in 2014. I’d arrived home from breakfast to a find newspaper article positioned conspicuously on the coffee table. ‘Women over 35 should stop being so fussy,’ read the headline, followed by some observations by a male fertility specialist. I smiled sarcastically and thanked my mother for cutting it out.  Inside, my […]