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Five tips to finding the perfect partner online

by Rebekah Campbell | August 30, 2021
In 2012, I hadn’t been a date in ten years. I was 34, lonely and terrified of the future. I decided to hit the online dating sites on a mission to date one man every week for a year and find a husband. I started just on eHarmony and quickly added RSVP, Tinder and others […]

How to perfect the art of give and take

by Rebekah Campbell | April 3, 2020
Once I accepted that a lot of what I wanted to achieve this year isn’t going to happen, I started to relax.

To make good decisions, start by imagining your perfect day

by Rebekah Campbell | February 4, 2020
Too many people make critical decisions by looking only one step up the ladder.

How to network when you don’t have the time or skills

by Rebekah Campbell | November 28, 2019
Once I accepted that a lot of what I wanted to achieve this year isn’t going to happen, I started to relax.

If networking terrifies you, try this approach

by Rebekah Campbell | November 26, 2019
Meeting new people to forge connections is hard if you're shy. Business Chicks founder Emma Isaacs suggests aiming for quality over quantity.

Why ageing is good for your career

by Rebekah Campbell | September 3, 2019
Negotiating with a young entrepreneur sparks the realisation that there are benefits to being older in business.

Letting Someone Go With Dignity

by Rebekah Campbell | August 7, 2014
Obviously, it’s no fun to get fired. But it’s also no fun to be the one doing the firing. I have heard it said that the stress of terminating someone’s employment can reduce your lifespan. I certainly know that I’ve awakened in a sweat the night before I have to have “the conversation” with someone. […]

When Hiring Employees in Poorer Countries, Difficult Moral Questions Arise

by Rebekah Campbell | July 22, 2014
Earlier this year, I wrote about the issues I’d encountered while building an outsourced office in another country. We’ve now expanded to a team of 14 in Manila, and we recruited everyone there using processes similar to those we use at home. I’ve worked out of the office there and have come to know each […]