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Growth Marketing in 2021

by webmaster | September 14, 2021
In this 1.5 hour masterclass, Rebekah will share the hacks and strategies she is using to attract customers in 2021 and how these are different to what was effective in 2019 and 2020. We’ll cover a broad range of topics and you’ll learn actionable tactics you can apply to grow your business today. This is a live Zoom webinar format and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your business challenge.

Inquisitive’s Tim Power has a tip for start-ups: cut back your goals

by Rebekah Campbell | October 30, 2019
Once I accepted that a lot of what I wanted to achieve this year isn’t going to happen, I started to relax.

Why big companies can’t innovate

by Rebekah Campbell | October 2, 2019
Fear of failure is often at the heart of the reluctance of large businesses to think differently and move quickly.

4 truths no one tells you about start-up life

by Rebekah Campbell | May 6, 2019
It might look exciting from the outside, but life as a founder is stressful and the responsibilities can be overwhelming.

Following Up on the Job Candidate Who Was ‘Checking Out the Waitress’

by Rebekah Campbell | November 3, 2014
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that asked whether a female boss can manage a chauvinist. I’ve struggled with this issue for many years, and from your replies it’s clear that other women have endured similar experiences. More than 300 people wrote comments, and hundreds more contacted me through Twitter, LinkedIn and email. I had […]

My Struggle to Manage Our Lawyers

by Rebekah Campbell | October 23, 2014
I don’t really enjoy working with lawyers, yet every time I start a new relationship with one I’m filled with hope. They seem impressive in their fancy suits and expensive offices. They woo me with flattery and nice cups of tea and biscuits. I find myself thinking: These guys are cool. I’m going to work […]

When Women Manage Men Who Don’t Respect Women

by Rebekah Campbell | October 2, 2014
A few weeks ago, my business partner and I interviewed a candidate for a senior communications role at Posse. We met at a coffee shop and he seemed perfect: charming, smart and passionate about our business. He’d been successful in similar roles, and he came to the interview prepared with suggestions relevant to our strategy. […]

It’s Hard for Start-Up Owners to Find Good Advice

by Rebekah Campbell | September 25, 2014
At the moment we’re deciding whether to raise a large capital round and go for growth or keep things tight and focused. Both approaches have merit, and I respect all who have offered their guidance. But people are passionate about their opinions, and that can prove confusing. When I started my business four years ago, […]

The Problem With Going Into Business With a Friend

by Rebekah Campbell | September 15, 2014
I spent a recent night consoling an associate who had fallen out with her best friend. They tried to start a business together, and she quit her high-paying job to do it. Three months in, the friend had yet to commit full-time and wasn’t pulling her weight. They couldn’t agree on how to split either […]

How Investors Can Kill a Business Without Losing Money Themselves

by Rebekah Campbell | September 3, 2014
This is the story of a trap into which I’ve fallen twice at Posse. Investors often set the trap unknowingly – no harm is intended – while they are figuring out whether they would like to invest. Both times this happened I felt heartbroken and exhausted, with my business in turmoil. We were lucky to […]